The arrival of a baby is accompanied by great joy and celebration. However it is also a very tender season in which families need increased support and love.

Over the years, postpartum families have shared their frustrations of not being understood or listened to by their inner circle, and all the ways they wish they could have been served to make their postpartum experience more positive.

According to Webster dictionary, mother as a verb means, 1. To give birth to,  2. To care for or protect like a mother. In this book, the term mother is used as an inclusive word held in the highest place of honor. This book is intended to help all those birthing experience a more compassionate and satisfying postpartum. 

This book highlights the needs of the mother, baby, and family in a simple format. It offers twenty practical guidelines for those caring for the postpartum mother as well as nutritious recipes. 

5 1/2" x 8 1/2"    103pp

Book Testimonials

Ronda’s beautifully authored and illustrated book nourishes a family’s postpartum needs in mind and body. It puts words to simple, yet essential, needs of the woman and family in a way that helps them to feel validated, gives ideas about ways to ask for support, and finishes up with a fantastic list of soul filling recipes. I have multiple copies on hand for everyone I know that becomes pregnant for their first or last time!

Cocooning by Ronda Perea is a beautiful, easy read for expecting support systems. There is so much information out there and it can be really overwhelming, especially for loved ones who want to help the new mama and baby. This book gives clear, loving ways to assist the postpartum mom and her new bundle of joy! The recipes she has are delicious and help with healing and milk supply. Being a mom who was able to have my dream home birth (of a 10 pound baby!), incredible healing, and experienced no postpartum blues, couldn’t be possible without Ronda’s amazing knowledge, coaching, and guidance. I couldn’t recommend this book more! 

As a doula and birth educator, I have seen first-hand how a well supported postpartum makes the difference in building a foundation for strong family bonding. Cocooning teaches the best strategies to care for and nourish the new family in ways that will make a difference for years to come. Whimsical illustrations and practical advice fill each chapter.
Ronda Perea’s wisdom as a midwife and mother’s mentor has created a perfect gift to inspire grandparents and friends. It is a wonderful way for pregnant parents to understand the critical importance of planning for a blissful and well supported postpartum.
I hope that every pregnant family will read and share Cocooning .

Though this seems like just another endorsement, Cocooning isn’t just another book. It is a gentle whisper of permission, rest, wisdom, and life written by a messenger who is the message through and through.

I really enjoyed all of the practical advice "Cocooning” offers as well as the emphasis on caring for the mom in addition to the baby. If I had read this book when pregnant with my first child, I would have had a clearer vision for postpartum. Following this postpartum guidance (resting, letting others care for me, giving myself permission to make bonding with baby the priority, and delaying jumping back into everyday responsibilities) made for such a beautiful postpartum. I am incredibly grateful for the encouragement to embrace this time. I am looking forward to sharing this book with others.

Cocooning: 20 ways to help the postpartum mother is a beautifully written and illustrated book perfect for those about to experience a birth journey, whether it be their own or that of a loved one. While pregnant with my second son, I had the privilege of reading this book myself as well as sharing it with my three-year-old son, before ultimately passing it along to extended family members. Frankly, I wish this book had existed when I was pregnant with my first! Not only did the beautifully written 20 practical tips act as a guide for me to reflect upon as it related to my own postpartum wishes to be shared with extended friends and family, but the illustrations helped guide my conversations with my toddler about what to expect from mama once the baby arrived. After reading the book a few times as a little family of three, I decided to pass the book along to those who would be providing the most support during postpartum – the grandparents. While not always an easy conversation to have regarding defining what postpartum “help” looks like, because this book is written by someone with extensive clinical expertise, the tips (and recipes!) were well received by all. Cocooning: 20 ways to help the postpartum mother is a must read for anyone who will play a significant role in mama’s postpartum journey.






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