"Ronda and Moriah saw me and my husband through the longest, hardest, first birth. It was a marathon and I could never have done it without their help. One was putting pressure on my lower back while the other was massaging. They took turns while the other rested. Their commitment, inner calm, and steady experience kept me persevering through 36 hours of the hardest journey of my life. I am so grateful for how they prepared us with great information before and saw us through postpartum with self-care, nursing, and placenta encapsulation. Our beautiful baby girl is 6 years old today, and not a baby anymore at all. They were such an important part of our transformation from a couple to a family and will always hold the most special place in our hearts."

"Very simply put.....Amazing. :) Kind, calm, knowledgeable and experienced. Our first son was born in the hospital, and when we were pregnant with our second son we knew homebirth was the way to go for us. Although we had great support with Ronda as our doula for our first hospital birth, I can't tell you how different this experience was! After our son was born, the midwives cleaned up and made my husband and I lunch....Seriously! When telling my other friends (who have had homebirths) this last fact, they always say....Really? Lucky! :) Thank you!

sarah and brian

lindsey and  troy

mary and andy

"I cannot express the appreciation and respect I have for Ronda. She is the woman you want by your side during birth! Ronda was so full of joy, respect, patience, understanding, care, and helpful information during all our conversations prior to my son’s birth, and she is the reason I was able to give birth naturally during my challenging labor (due to my son’s posterior orientation). She empowered my husband to be such an amazing supportive partner during the birth process, and Ronda’s calm nature, quiet strength, and belief in natural childbirth helped me so much. Ronda is a champion of babies, mothers, and families.  I am so grateful for her and that she gets to use her tremendous gifts to bless so many."

Delivering my baby at home made the experience ours - sweetly, intimately, completely ours, and ours alone. Ronda told me at our first meeting that her philosophy on birth is that mothers really don’t need much help - we know, our bodies know deep down. This trust in the natural way put me immediately at ease (although I am exceedingly grateful that I did have her help!) and her calm, reassuring manner reminded me again and again throughout my four days of labor to trust myself and my baby. And I’m so glad I did! Our beautiful baby girl was born in our living room, caught by her dad, and twenty minutes later we were all three in our own bed. What magic! I am so grateful for the support I got before, during, and after my birth (post-natal care in the comfort of one’s own home cannot be over estimated!) and the trust I mustered for myself, my body, and my baby has carried us through many hard moments since. 

joya and jesse




As a midwife, I seek to nurture a woman’s sense of personal strength and self-confidence so that she may experience birth as an empowering process that can be drawn upon throughout her life. I do not “deliver” babies, rather assist and support women and their families to give birth. I believe that birth is a normal life process created by God that works best when allowed to unfold as naturally as possible, only intervening when a need arises. When I attended my first birth in 1984, I wept and was forever transformed by the power and overwhelming beauty of ushering in the miracle of new life. I have found deep joy in actively serving birthing families since. Ten years were spent specifically supporting pregnant minors, both those who chose to parent and those who chose to place their children for adoption. In the 1990’s, I was blessed to birth three beautiful children, two daughters and a son, at home with midwives. As birth changed the way I see myself as a woman and mother, and provided the catalyst to heal past wounds, I desire this for all women. I am licensed as a massage therapist and certified as a placenta encapsulation specialist with           I attended the              (Midwifery Education Accreditation Council) accredited midwifery school, National Midwifery Institute. I feel honored to have received incredible training through wise and seasoned midwives, and continue my training with the greatest teachers of all: the birthing mamas, their partners and their babies. I have also studied under Dr. Aviva Romm and am a graduate of her Professional Training Program for Integrative and Functional Medicine for Women. I seek optimal health in pregnancy, well-woman care, and future health by uncovering and holistically addressing root causes of symptoms that arise. Each one’s journey is unique, forever broadening my vision and understanding of the birth process. When not attending births, I enjoy family, friends, travel, long beach walks, massage, a good cup of tea, and dark chocolate!

Ronda Perea

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